Core MVC Awesome v. 8.0 release notes

Date: 28 February 2024


- NumericInput
option for not focusing the input when clicking the Spin up/down buttons - NumericInput
option, for using plus and minus spin buttons around the main input - NumericInput
option, when true can only change the value using the spinners - DateTimePicker ShowSeconds option, used to be able to pick seconds value from the dropdown in the calendar or write them in the editor - TimePicker ShowSeconds option -
NumericInput option - Improved popup layout on smaller screens -
events for the dropmenu - can use type:
to open a PopupForm without prior initialization - opt.success js function for exectuting a js function on successful popup form post - closeOnSuccess (default true), to close the PopupForm on successful form post - awem.hovOpen return hover api with method: destroy and stopClose for canceling closing of the popup on document hover - popup
property, used to determine the event and target that triggered the closing -
defines a js function to execute before closing the popup, can be used to prevent the closing of the popup by setting
opt.noclose = true
- noFocusFirst option for opening the popup - PopupForm
events, triggered before submitting the form inside the popup and after the post executed - popup fix for ClickOutClose -
event triggered for all dropdown editors and the autocomplete when selecting an item from the dropdown menu, the event will get the selected item as event data -
event for the comobox, triggered when hitting enter and the dropdown is closed, or when the dropdown is open but no items are focused, gets the matched item and text value as event data - FilterFunc DropdownOpt option, can use custom filter function for the Dropdown editors: DropdownList, Multiselect, Combobox, Multicheck - FltNumericOp filter numeric with options for Grid - Grid .Page(initialPage) extension for setting the initial page of the grid on the first load - Combobox OpenOnClickFocus for opening the combobox dropdown on combo textbox click or focus - Autohide mod works on the grid column without having ColumnAutohide on the grid - DateTime formatting fix for when there's no separator between tt and h in the DateTime format - Textbox type option can be set - fixes for the DateTimePicker, AM PM texts can be specified in the awedict.js - fix grid header when setting height using
units in css - fix popup close button dragging on touchcreens - AweDataExtensions new features for generating data queries - string to js function parser fixes - other fixes and improvements

Migrating from previous versions

utils.js has been renamed to aweUtils.js modify all usages of utils.js or alternatively you could add this script after aweUtils.js
    window.utils = window.aweUtils;
usages of
replace with
aweUtils.columnByBind(o, bind)
usages of
replace with
aweUtils.columnById(o, id)

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