MVC Awesome 5.0 release notes

added grid columns reordering added grid multirow header groups, demo added drag and drop api, demo added checkbox helper added button helper added about helper multilookup drag and drop works on touch added
grid extension added
grid extension strongly typed Parent extension adds context prefix to parent id Autocomplete implements
( easier integration with Grid inline edit )
method has an additional
parameter (default true) added
property to
, used to send the last id value; this value will be sent back on load more results request demo Form triggers submit event and aweload on complete Popup and PopupForm trigger awebeginload and aweload events Popup LoadOnce creates a new popup everytime, just reuses the html content added id attribute to all display tags (needed for label-for) grid multicheck select type allows selecting/deselecting multiple rows using Shift added CssClass Column property added css selector filter parameter to Grid Selectable added yearRange datepicker extension multilookup drag and drop true by default grid Persistence.View by default grid client format can use
is not parsed automatically by the grid, you can use Map and call
(see demos) added
property - client timezone difference between UTC and Local Time (minutes) removed
helpers removed obsolete SelectableItem type RTL support improvements improved css themes fix grid not working after failed ajax request fixed grid displaying int type zero values as empty string fix css for grid grouping in popup

Awem 1.1 (AwesomeMvcMods)

added Awesome popup (used by default) jQueryUi popup moved to awem.js added Button extension for the Popup helpers, css class and html attributes can be specified multiselect reorderable selected values added remote search for odropdown and related compontents using SearchFunc extension, demo odropdown searchfunc results can be stored in a shared cache (using cache key) menudropdown items can have a click property which defines a js to be executed on click, used in updated Grid Mailbox demo awem.notif notification popup in the top right corner, used for error handling MovableRows grid mod added odropdown .ItemFunc and .CaptionFunc extensions for custom formatting of the odropdown items and caption added CloseOnEmpty combobox extension ( to be more like an autocomplete ) grid parameters are sent to the inline edit/create url (on Save) InlineFunc Column mod for grid inline edit demo ParentInline helper extension for Inline Edit Grid grid inline eding bool doesn't requrie Checked Model Property anymore grid inline editing one row at a time option grid inline editing reloadOnSave option added grid loading animation mod, demo (same css reused for popups and form loading ) added grid mod .Custom for applying grid mods by string name columnns selector grid mod handles columns set from the getitems request, needed for the new grid spreadsheed demo added minipager grid mod odropdown MinWidth extension combobox can use content for value .UseConVal() improved xml docs for mods fixed dropdownPopup height before loading fixed can't use right and left arrows in combobox fix for pageinfo mod when paging is false renamed AwesomeMvcMods namespace to Awem renamed mods.css to awem.css


improved grid mailbox demo spredsheet grid demo with two-dimensional array datasource, and add column button easier to modify grid crud demo when the key is not "Id" utils.js itemEdited always expects "Id" property not Grid key moved awe.err setting to utils.js init func so errors are handled by default using awem.notif as long as you call utils.init in _Layout.cshtml like in the demo improved demo pages export to excel demo added all pages checkbox fixed editor templates to add correct label for attribute loading animation for awe form and popups, reuses grid loading mod css, initialized in utils.init added enum datasource AjaxDropdown Demo added grid inline editing conditional demo added multi editors grid inline edit demo

Migrating from previous versions

remove references to
and add reference to
, also search usages of the old namespace and replace them as well, should only be used in
, but could be in the views as well (Ctrl+Shift+F "AwesomeMvcMods") replace references of
) replace usages of
, if you need to set the selected value on the server see this all the DateTime grid columns need to be parsed to string in the
, example
Map o => new { Date = o.Date.ToShortDateString(), ...
, depending on how you store the date value (utc/server/client) and if you show a different date depending on the client timezone (
shows TimeZone Offset in minutes) you could also modify the value before parsing it to string
helpers have been removed, use
instead and open the popup using
(see the demos) calling
is required now, usually you would call it in
, or the Popups won't work, for an example see: Installation