It can be done by assigning a function to
, this function will receive 2 parameters (name of the helper and name of the property) and must return a string, example:
   Settings.GetText = GetTranslate;   
private static string GetTranslate(string type, string key)
    // type can be "Grid", "MultiLookup", "PopupForm", etc.
    switch (key)
        case "CancelText": return Mui.Cancel;
        case "YesText": return Mui.Yes;
        case "NoText": return Mui.No;
        case "MoreText": return Mui.more;
        case "SearchText": return Mui.Search;
        case "GroupBarText": return Mui.GroupBarText;

    return null; // leave default
To localize texts from
(mods), you need to set
, if you open
you can see the default values:
var clientDict = {
    GridInfo: "of {0} items",
    Select: 'please select',
    SearchForRes: 'search for more results',
    Searchp: 'search...',
    NoRecFound: 'no records found'
So for example it could be set like this:
awem.clientDict = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(ClientSideUtils.GetClientDict()));
You could also reference a different js file depending on the current ui language, and in that file you would set
. For a localisation demo you can have a look, and download the source code of the prodinner demo.

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