Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order online

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a Awesome product license is through our online store: 1. You enter the amount of developer licenses you need and click the "Buy Now" button 2. You will be redirected to the buy page of our payment processor where you can update the quantity of licenses to buy, click here on "Order Now" 3. On the following screen you will be prompted to enter your billing information and select the payment method, fill the required information and click "Next" 4. Next screen is where you complete your order, VAT may be calculated depending on your Country, you can also enter the VAT ID (relevant for corporate customers within the EU). 5. Note that you can select your country on the previous screens or you can click "make changes" on this screen to return back. Click "Complete Order" to place your order. 6. Next you'll see a Thank You screen. After placing your order you can expect to receive emails with a receipt and download link within the next several minutes. 7. Receive receipt and download link on your email, you will also be able to download your purchase from your profile, instructions for this will be in the email. Should you need any assistance with the order placement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is VAT ID and where do I enter it

Private customers from EU member states must pay VAT on purchases of electronically-delivered products. If your company resides in the European Union and has a valid VAT ID, please enter this information in the VAT ID field of the online order form. If you do not enter a VAT ID, you will be recognized as a private customer and the VAT rate for your country will be added to the basic price of the software. Corporate and/or private customers from USA and other non-EU countries are NOT affected by this regulation.

How do Awesome Developer license work

Each Developer License allows 1 developer to work with the design-time product. If you purchase a license for a product, such as MVC Awesome - jQuery Ajax Helpers, all the tools in the product are licensed to 1 developer, and only that developer is able to develop with the tools in the product. Developer Licenses are perpetual and have NO deployment limitations - they allow the use of our controls for an unlimited number of applications spanning various servers and domains.

Do you offer a free trial

We offer fully functional trials which work without license keys and can be conveniently deployed on any development, test or production machine. The trial version will display a trial message at random times next to the control, it will also display a trial message at the bottom of the page, and it will eventually expire and stop rendering the controls.

How do I get my free updates

You can download your purchases and free updates from your profile. If you weren't signed in when you did the purchase, probably didn't had an account yet on and you want to be able to download your purchases and updates from your profile, you need to sign in first (register or sign in using google), go to and provide the Order Reference (once the Purchase is attached to your profile it cannot be reattached to another one), after that you'll be able to download your purchases and free updates from your profile.

Do I get source code

The source code for AwesomeMvc.js and Omu.AwesomeMvc.dll is not provided. You can get the source code for Omu.Awem.dll, awem.js, aweUtils.js and all css files by downloading the main demo, Awem is a class library in the main demo solution.

Can I get an older version of the library

That would be a very bad idea for multiple reasons, so we don't allow it. If you've been trying an older version and would like to purchase it instead of the new one, please upgrade, usually it doesn't take much time, and we rarely have any breaking changes.
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